The Fairness Officer gives you another opportunity to be heard if your issue hasn't been resolved through a manager or the Fair Practices Office at ICBC.

Michael Skinner - Fairness Officer

My job is fairness: at the individual level, and at the broad systemic level as well.

As an independent adjudicator I’m ready to look at the issues you bring to my office and to do my very best to ensure you are treated fairly at every stage of ICBC’s processes.

Michael Skinner

What can the ICBC Fairness Officer do?

  • Help you understand and/or resolve your issue with ICBC

  • Make recommendations to ICBC to resolve your complaint

  • Recommend mediation or arbitration (if necessary)

  • Dismiss the complaint if no unfairness is found

  • Make recommendations to address systemic problems with fairness of ICBC processes

What can the ICBC Fairness Officer NOT review?

  • Disputes about the amount of a final payment, the entitlement or amount of benefits or the assessment of responsibility for a crash

  • The issuance of traffic tickets

  • Complaints about a court decision or an issue being disputed in court

  • Complaints about lawyers' actions

  • Complaints that may be resolved by RoadSafetyBC, Human Rights Commission or another government agency

Submit a request

Before writing to the Fairness Officer

Make sure you've completed the earlier steps in ICBC's fairness process. Because the responsibility for fair practice begins and ends with ICBC, the Fairness Officer requires that complainants first go through the steps set out in this process before they will consider your complaint. If these steps haven't been completed, your complaint could be delayed.

Have you completed the fairness process and are still dissatisfied?

If so, you can submit your request online or by mail.

Submit your request online

If you mail in your request, include your:

  • contact information, including full name, phone number, and address

  • driver licence number and licence plate

  • claim number, if applicable, and

  • detailed description of the circumstances of your complaint and documentation to support your issue.

Mailing address:

ICBC Fair Practices Office Attn: Fairness Officer 151 West Esplanade, Room 118 North Vancouver BC V7M 3H9

Michael Skinner is an experienced investigator, administrator and dispute resolution specialist. In his 30-year public sector career he has served as Executive Director of the Health Professions Review Board and led civil justice reform projects with the Dispute Resolution Office at the B.C. Ministry of Attorney General. His extensive work with two Offices of the British Columbia legislature – the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and Office of the Ombudsperson – shaped his commitment to multi-party dispute resolution, complex investigations and major public reporting. He has authored several significant public reports incorporating recommendations for systemic reform.

Prior to his public sector career, Michael practiced as a barrister at two Vancouver law firms from 1982 to 1987, focusing on personal injury and general litigation. He is currently a director with the B.C. Council of Administrative Tribunals and a former member of the British Columbia and American Trial Lawyers Associations and the Law Society of B.C. He obtained his law degree from the University of British Columbia after studying business administration in Alberta. He is active in community justice and relief organizations in the city of Victoria.

The Fairness Officer is appointed by government for a three-year term and investigates issues of fairness for ICBC customers. The Fairness Officer has authority that is defined by the law and may make recommendations to resolve complaints, improve processes or provide advice and assistance to customers. You can read the relevant sections in part three of the Insurance Corporation Act and in the Fairness Officer Regulation.

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The ICBC Fairness Officer is appointed by the Government of British Columbia.

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